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    <br> Firstly, the crypto market is smaller and not heavily traded like traditional markets, so big trades can make the price swing substantially. Short for Contract for Difference, these are the absolute least secure trades out there. 07:00 Giving up the iPad-only travel dream – Long term Apple user Jason Snell goes into some detail as to why, at least for now, he has given up trying to use his iPad as his main device. In contrast to most things in the real world which might not be amazing but are at least mostly alright, websites are full of popups and ads and tracking and too much javascript. If registrants land on a page that looks nothing like the site they came from, they might feel like they are in the wrong place and hesitate to complete the form. I’ve read through this a couple of times now and though I do understand most of the code, I feel like I’m missing something crucial. 07:00 CSS Nesting just landed in Firefox 117 – Wes Bos Twitter thread where he gives 11 examples of the new CSS nesting feature which is now implemented in all browsers. Now it’s teaming up with another embattled crypto firm in an attempt to regain access to a steady flow of dollars<br>>
    <br>> Costs such as unpaid medical expenses can significantly impact your credit score, but always attempt a payment arrangement with the medical provider before taking out a personal loan. As a result, the crypto you mine may or may not have a value high enough to cover the costs of the mining itself. Mining servers that were left unattended as the the technology declines in Asia. Chief Technology Officer Roger Wang had worked at Nomura, Japan’s largest investment bank, and Morgan Stanley. Grounded in this experience, Tish has brought new perspectives to what it means to build technology for public benefit. It has changed the “main character” dynamic from something that could benefit people that fitted into existing structured of business, politics and media to one where “you’re just paid directly by a billionaire — though only if you can afford to pay him first”. It collects together the main patterns used to implement reactivity in the browser using plain old vanilla javascript. What are the three main types of Crypto exchanges? Lots of interesting detail in this article including companies that are having an impact. 1. Get prequalified. Most – but not all – personal loan companies let you see your estimated interest rate with a soft credit inquiry, which won’t impact your credit score. The fastest way to boost your credit score is to pay off as much debt as possible. You could also get a home equity loan or line of credit to pay for renovations. It should be easier to get the basics right. This is awesome. Having a nesting feature in native CSS will make things so much easier to organize. Also covers using classes, async and native browser APIs such as MutationObserver, Web Components, IntersectionObserver, requestAnimationFrame and the Web Animations API. Patterns like PubSub, Observer, Proxies, Signals and Observables as well as using Object.defineProperty. 07:00 Patterns for Reactivity with Modern Vanilla JavaScript – I haven’t done a huge amount of frontend javascript recently, so this was a very refreshing and enlightening piece. Might be an idea to have usenet access setup as a sort of backup plan in case modern social media further implodes. This week we go on a bit of a journey in space and time to try and get handle on what this might mean exactly. 07:00 Get NIP-05 verified – For Nostr verification badically you have to add a json file on your website located at /.well-known/nostr.json. Hopefully I’ll get some more time later to find more examples. Another task was to run load tests for some user flows and find out how the project performs if thousands of users log in within a minute. Find out more about the best crypto exchanges, and select the one to help you meet your crypto-related investment goals. Lenders are always keen to meet the developer to understand the project from a professional and personal standpoint, so we will arrange a site visit between you and the lending manager. Taillights are the only way head to the Coin Viewer site tell them apart: the ’52s had built-in backup lamps. 07:00 WordPress: The 100-Year Plan – “The 100-Year Plan ensures that your stories, achievements, and memories are preserved for generations to come. One payment. One hundred years of legacy. US$38,000.” – It just so happens to be $1 per day, which means even if you only had 1 customer you might just be able to pull it off. Glad to come across this article via my RSS reader. Monster article packed with awesome stuff. 07:00 A lot of stuff is just fine – Chris Coyier, commenting on a Robin Rendle post, points out that as web developers we should be pretty embarrassed that most websites aren’t ‘just fin<br>/p>

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